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Hi Ocean in your Bedroom's readers! My name is Hattie and I'm delighted to be doing a guest post for the lovely Ms. Sarah today as she enjoys her vacation! 

Skirt: Thrifted, Pemberton, BC
Shirt: Winners
Cardigan: Bootlegger
Necklace: Hattitude
Headscarf: Thrifted
Loafers: Walking on a cloud
I'm a 24 year old girl with a passion for a fashion and a flare for accessories. I'm a jewellery designer by day and a blogger by night, from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. I have been designing jewellery for as long as I can rememer! Check out my shop where my items are one of a kind and made from recycled vintage pieces.
 I started my blog about two years ago, but this last year really started blogging as part of my business to show my costumers a way to wear the accessories with different outfits.
 I like cakes drizzled in liqueurs and collecting vintage tea cups. My favourite era is the 1920's,  (Oh how I've dreamed of being a flapper, it's usally my go to costume on halloween) and I love the idea of magic. 
Check out my blog by clicking here if your in the neighbour hood!

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Shawna Hynes said...

Cute guest blog - I adore Hattie's style & blog :)

Just found your blog, can't wait to hear about your vacation & read new posts once you return! Now following :)

<3 Shawna
Serpentine Streets